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About Us

Our company deals with wholesale and retail garden derokorace, wood and concrete products from sandstone and decorative gift items, including wicker baskets.

Our products are made from durable and durable material such as wood, resin, glass, natural materials, designed for outdoor and indoor decoration.

In our offer you will find garden figures garden gnomes, animals, figures - water sprite, beggar, etc. Garden characters are made of durable material made of resin and painted with quality paints that will last not only cold but the sun and rain. Garden figures are a suitable gift for each of you!

In the category of wood products, we offer you the wells, windmills, water mills, bird boxes, etc., of various types and sizes. We mainly from pine wood and all wood products are treated with high-quality, durable paint surface. Wood products are suitable for any garden!

Natural decorations are hand made from natural materials such as wicker, decorative dried flowers, grasses, pine needles, etc.

Glass candlesticks and candles on the plates are decorated with quality washable paints, painted by hand and then bake in the oven.

Decorations made of sandstone are hand sculpted of high quality natural stone. Our dimensions are only informational, it depends on you what size you choose, you can carve and provided theme. Delivery time is max 14 days after advance payment of 50% of the price of goods.

Choice from our offer you not only here, on these pages, but also personally, directly from us! See page contacts outside working hours need to arrange your visit with us in advance by phone or e-mail address.

It has become tradition that each of your purchase, you will receive a gift. We also use wholesale discounts.

Find us on the route Horice, Ostroměř - Podhorni Ujezd - Jicin (see map).

Those interested in longer distances, making use of the orders of our websites, sending commonly selected goods by mail or courier on delivery. These modes of transport we are very proven.

We hope you will find suitable gifts that will delight not only you but also your loved ones!